2016 "The Holidays In Music" (PP5038)

An emotionally-charged, uplifting musical journey through our country's most celebrated holidays. Each holiday is represented by a song, and each song is presented in a different musical genre.

2014 "The Polka Pontoon" (PP5035)

Using musical parody and humor, this CD takes a lighthearted, satirical jab at polka music through the bumbling operation of a fictional, hometown radio station.  (Some content may be offensive to sensitive listeners.)

2009 "The First Forty Years" (PP5028)

Released just four days before Tom's 40th birthday, "The First Forty Years" showcases Tom's musical influences both in and out of polka music.  This is a polka-variety CD with emphasis on driving Cleveland-Style polkas and waltzes.

MP3 Music Sample

The recordings listed below are out of print and no longer available from this website:

2005 "Playing Your Requests Vol. II - Timeless Ballroom Melodies" PP5023
2005 "Playing Your Requests Vol. I - Classic Polkas & Waltzes" PP5022
2003 "On the Bright Side" (PP5020)
2001 "Butt n' Box by Joe LaBotz" (PP5017)

2000 "Did You Remember To Pack Your Accordion?" (PP5016)
1999 "Polkas from the Digital Domain" (PP5015)
1997 "Polkasound Potpourri" (PP5012)
1997 "Tom x 5 But Not Quite Live" (PP5011)
1997 "Polkalanis" (PP5010)
1995 "Undercover" (PP5008)
1992 "Don't Shoot the Accordion Player" (PP5003)
1990 "Generations Together" (PP5002)
1989 "Song of Lecco" (PP5001)